Our aim is to bring together academics whose work and interests combine language and educational science. Following the rationale of the “linguistic turn”, we jointly study how language shapes our understanding of the world and people’s functioning in it.

Our projects focus on language beliefs, language activity, language affect and/or language matrices of world interpretation. Hence they fall within the worldview, psychomotor, affective and/or cognitive domain.

FEEL FREE TO JOIN if you believe you fit in here. The very first step is to fill in one (or more) of the ERL PARTICIPANT FORMS below (depending on the area your academic pursuits fall into). It (or they) will be used to decide what project(s) you might contribute to.

In the second step you may be added to our ERL NETWORK. Then we shall inform you on all ERL developments and all ERL projects emerging. Alternatively, you may also choose to provide us with your brief ERL profile specifying your primary research interest(s), current project(s), and representative publication title(s) which we will add to our database and present on our ERL website.

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